Intelligent Systems Solutions

Whyz Technologies provides R&D consultancy to create strategic technologies that give your firm an edge over your competitors. We can assessment technology readiness, design, implement and deploy intelligent solutions to thoroughly modernize and automate your manual processes and systems.

The strategic edge you receive can either be through operational efficiencies (saving you time, money and enhancing predictability) or via strategic new product capabilities (enabling premium-priced products that leave your competitors in the dust).

Our team has the capability to unlock the real power of the data accumulated in your organization, and on the web. Give us a call today to learn what we can do for you.

If you have a strategic goal and don't know if it is possible, we will be happy to work with you to chart out the plan to make your vision a reality.

To set up a free consultation, please give us a call at +1.613.263.8009 or email us at

We offer free one hour consultation sessions over the phone, and are happy to provide site visits under a reasonably priced technology readiness assessment contract.